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Frequently Answered...
Do we need an MC?

That depends. If its a wedding reception we strongly recommend it. Wedding receptions demand a lot of coordination and guidance, MC's are perfect for that as well as announcing and being a crowd motivator. Sweet 16's can get away without an MC but would be a lot smoother and fun with one. All other type of events probably can do without an MC but we can certainly discuss it.

Can't we just let the DJ pick the music? We trust you.

We appreciate you trusting the DJ but the DJ doesn't know you and your guest better than you. You don't have to provide a list of songs to cover the duration of the event. Just a few songs or genres of music that will provide the DJ an idea of what kind of music that will get your guest going and/or keep them on the dance floor. A list of "Do Not Play" is very helpful as well.

Do you provide microphones for ceremony and guest speeches?

Yes we do. We can provide mics for the alter and for speeches. These items are included in our ceremony package.
We can also provide microphones for the family musician or singer. We would like to be advised exactly what is needed at least two weeks prior to the event.

Can I just forward you my streaming service playlist?

You definitely can. BUT... You should consider who is attending your event and think about if your grandmother from Florida is going to appreciate your favorite Trap songs. We will certainly play your favorite songs but we also recommend to sprinkle some songs your guests will enjoy and dance to. They probably will not just come for the cake.

What should be played when guests arrive at the ceremony?

We encourage your taste of music at your wedding but since you will most likely not be at the alter when the guest are arriving we recommend soft music like jazz or classical. Those genres are inviting and pleasant to most ears.

What should be played when guests enter the reception?

Its time to party! In most cases we play upbeat music to let everyone know they are entering a party and to get that energy up. If you prefer something else let us know.

More answers...
Are you insured and can you provide a certificate of insurance to the venue?

Yes and yes. Let us know whom to send the certificate to and we will forward a copy.

Do you travel to other states to perform?

Yes we do. We travel within the Tri-State area; New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We even traveled to Pennsylvania. Please note, travel fees will be applied if more than 50 miles.

What are your terms of payment?

The deposit is required at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the event date. Payments can be made through using a debit or credit card or PayPal account.

Do you have clean versions of songs?

Yes we do and its a common practice with the us. Keep in mind not all songs are released with clean versions, in that situation we will ask the host of the event if the song can be played.

The MC won't be loud and obnoxious right?

Our MC's have been in the business for a long time so they know when to turn it up and bring it down. They realize the guest are not there to see them but they emphasize the real reason the guest are there is to see you or the guest of honor.

Do you have an office?

No we do not have a store front and that is by design. Besides, when was the last time you bought something online?
Sales and planning meetings are conducted out in the field at clients’ homes, neutral locations or video conferencing. Lower overhead for us means lower prices for you. We don't have to charge you for our office space, which can be a hefty charge. Our clients appreciate the convenience that we will travel to them and save them time and expenses. Also some clients don’t like being forced to visit a DJ company office where they expect to be pressured into signing on the spot.

THings to think about...
When is it a good time to end a party?

All kidding aside. First and foremost, we will play until you tell us stop playing or when the allotted time is up.
A couple of things you may want to consider, if most of your guests have left and there is only a handful remaining, its OK to lower the volume and slow the pace. It certainly does not mean they didn't have a good time. Some of your guests may have a long drive ahead of them, an early start the next day or had too much of a good time. Suggestion, if you notice guests are leaving toward the later part of the event and if you have requested a last song to be played at the end. You may want to consider asking the DJ to play the song a little earlier so the remaining guests can enjoy it with you before the official end of the event.

Guest song requests.

Allowing your guest to request songs could be a good thing or a not so good thing. Most experienced DJ's can determine if a song request is a good one or not but there are those song requests that can leave the DJ in limbo. Those song requests that have a sentimental value or reminds the guests of a good time they had in the past with the guest of honor. "Dude! You gotta play this song! We played it endlessly during our vacation in the Dominican Republic!" The song request may only be special to the guest requesting it and possibly the guest of honor. Either way there is a possibility all other guests may be confused or leave the dance floor if the song is played during a dance set.
To help alleviate that situation try to get a song request list from your family members and close friends and review them to make sure they are appropriate for the event.

Don't seat grandma in front of the DJ.

DJ's play loud enough to get the crowd moving on the dance floor but constantly monitor the volume of the music. Sometimes that volume is still a little too loud for some older guests and even young children. Consider seating them further away from the sound system for their comfort and safety.

Does a guest have a seizure disorder?

Our light shows are fun and awesome. They certainly help set the mood of the event. Though rare, the lights unfortunately can also trigger seizures due to the high intensity lighting and constant flashing of colors. If you know some one that is attending your event has a seizure disorder kindly let us know. We will modify our light show accordingly but there is still no guarantee the individual(s) will not be affected.